HA Urea(HAU)
    HA Urea(HAU)

HA Urea(HAU)

Product Description

Trade Mark:“Lutianhua”brand
Total Nitrogen:≥ 46.0%
Humic Acid:≥1200mg/kg
Particle Size:d(0.85 mm~2.80mm)
Product Standard:GB2440-2001 Q/LTH.GF 794-2015
Net Wt.:40 KG

The HA Urea is a value-added urea which is produced by adding the highly active humic acid into the common urea with domestic leading technology. Since the highly active humic acid contains a large number of active groups of carboxyl group, phenolic hydroxyl and carbonyl, and trace element zinc, the product can promote root growth of crops, reduce nitrogen nutrient loss through inhibiting soil urease activity, and improve the utilization rate of nutrients, thus achieving production expansion, soil organic matter increase, soil improvement, soil fertility and soil trace elements supplement and activation, it is a new type of green environmental protection and efficient fertilizer.

Application Scope

The product can be widely used in field crops and cash crops , such as vegetables, fruit trees, melons and fruits, tobacco, tea, wheat, corn, peanuts, cotton, rice and so on, it can be conveniently fertilized by hole, furrow, broadcasting, etc.

Direction for Application

1、Basal dressing:Normally 50-80 kg per mu for economic crops, 50 kg per mu for field crops. Applicable for hole dressing, furrow dressing and broadcasting before tillage.

2、Top-dressing:Normally 50-80 kg per mu for economic crops, 30-40 kg per mu for field crops. Applicable for hole dressing and furrow dressing.