Urea (Contains chelated zinc, boron and silicon)
    Urea (Contains chelated zinc, boron and silicon)

Urea (Contains chelated zinc, boron and silicon)

Product Description

Trade Mark:“Lutianhua” brand
Total Nitrogen:≥46.0%
Zn≥600mg/kg B≥200mg/kg
Particle Size:d(0.85 mm~2.80mm)
Product Standard:GB 2440-2001 Q/LTH.GF 789-2014
Net Wt.:40 KG

The product is a value-added urea which is produced with domestic leading technology. The product not only contains large amount of oxygen-rich nitrogen, also the trace elements of zinc, boron and silicon needed by crops growth. Crops like rice, maize are fond of silicon and sensitive to zinc which can coordinate distribution of oxygen-rich elements in the crop body. Silicon is one of the important oxygen-rich elements for crops as rice, close to the requirements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Boron can adjust the formation and operation of organic acid within the plant, it can promote nitrogen metabolism and nutrient absorbing for crops. The product is efficacious for fertilizer supply, disease suppression, and growth promotion, it can promote the root system development for the crops such as rice, maize, enhance its photosynthesis, stem thickening, toughness, drought resistance, frost resistance, and lodging resistance.

Direction for Application

The product is widely used for field crops and cash crops , applicable to vegetable, melon and fruit, citrus, maize, rice etc. Wide in adaptability, it can be used as basal fertilizer, top-dressing and straw fermentation fertilizer. If basal fertilizer is compound fertilizer, the use of the product is about 25 to 50 kg/mu. When it is used as top-dressing, the use is 7-8 kg/mu during leaf division and 4-5 kg/mu during grain growth.