Chelated Potassium & Zinc Urea
    Chelated Potassium & Zinc Urea

Chelated Potassium & Zinc Urea

Product Description

Trade Mark:“Lutianhua” Brand
Total Nitrogen:≥46.0%
Chelated Potassium zinc:≥800mg/kg
Chelated K:≥200 mg/kg
Chelated Zn:≥600mg/kg
Particle Size:d(0.85 mm~2.80mm)
Product Standard:GB2440-2001 Q/LTH.GF 794-2015
Net Wt.:40 KG

The product is a urea synergic agent which is produced by adding the organic chelated k and chelated zinc needed by crop growth into the urea with domestic leading technology. The product can supply enough nitrogen for crops growth and hold nitrogen, promote balanced uptake of nutrient by the plant, and thus increasing the crop yields. The product supplies the zinc and potassium synchronously to the plants. The chelating state zinc evenly distributed in the urea particle can promote the formation of crop growth hormone in the body, effectively preventing various disorders caused by zinc deficiency. The product can promote crop root enlarging, disease-resistance; long-term use can improve soil fertility.

Direction for Application

The product is widely used for field crops and cash crops and is applicable of vegetables, fruit trees, melons and fruits, tobacco, tea, wheat, corn, peanuts, cotton, rice and so on, it can be fertilized by hole, furrow, broadcasting, etc. conveniently and can be used with compound and mixed fertilizers . Application of 25 to 50 kg/mu is recommended.