Compound Fertilizer

    Compound Fertilizer
    Compound Fertilizer
    Compound Fertilizer

Compound Fertilizer

Product Description

Trade Mark:“Lutianhua” Brand
Technical index:
Total nutrient:≥40%
Total nutrient:≥35%
Nitrate nitrogen content:≥13%
Product Standard:GB15063-2009
Net Wt.:40 KG

The nitrogen phosphorus compound fertilizer (contains nitrate nitrogen) is a binary compound fertilizer made by taking ammonium nitrate and mono-ammonium phosphate as raw material and adopting advanced high tower pure chemical molten granulation process.

Product Features

The product has characteristics of strong water solubility, easy absorbing to crops, and high fertilizer utilization. It contains the nutrient elements of nitrogen and phosphorus needed for crops growth. With high nutrient, stable and durable fertilizer effect, it is suitable for all kinds of soils, especially for those chlorine-fear crops (e.g., tobacco, sugar beet, sugar cane, etc.). It has a significant yield expansion effect to such economic crops as tobacco, potato, peanuts, fruit trees, sugar beet, sugar cane, cotton, chili, potato and so on. It can be used as the basal fertilizer and top-dressing.

Suggested use:30-70 kg/mu


1.When the product is used as the basal fertilizer and top-dressing, contact with seeds or roots should be avoided to not burn crops, 10 to 15 cm distance between the fertilizer and seeds is recommended.

2.In view of different soil and fertilizer habits, the fertilization quantity, and frequency and application method should be adjusted according to actual conditions. Application under the guidance of local agricultural technical personnel is recommended.